We build Community

The High Coast International Club

Whatever you’re reasons for coming to the High Coast, you already know that it’s a beautiful place of unparalled nature with a thriving, modern Scandanavian economy. But how to meet new friends, both Swedish and other foreigners? How does one get engaged with the community and the interesting things that are happening?

One of our missions is to help make that transition to making the High Coast home easier by connecting internationals to the local network and vice versa. Using social media channels, live events and other information sharing, our goal is to help internationals Swedes meet, share and build a better community life in the High Coast.

What we do


Northern Sweden can be a daunting place to make new friends. But don't worry, we've got a great network that will get you in touch with new people and help you create relatinoships. Our social media, monthly meet ups and other services will get you connected. 


What's the best way to get to know a new place and start having fun? By doing! So for that we have a whole range of experiences—skiiing, orienteering, volleyball etc—to have fun and see what the High Coast has to offer. Also, it's a great way to make friends. 


A big challenge of getting up to speed in the High Coast is finding information, in English but even knowing where to turn to in Swedish can be tough. So we have a great project to create an interrnational information service called Hubbub that you'll have access to and help improve. 


An important part of the club is coming up with ways to make our High Coast cities more international and impactful. By coming together—all the different kinds of internationals (workers, youth, new immigrants, pensioners etc)—we want to be a movement of change. 

October's Event


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The High Coast International Club Activity Calendar 2021-2022

We hear it over and over again from internationals living in the High Coast: How do I meet new friends, how can I discover the great places and things to do in the area? We have the answer: a new club that creates connection and community by having monthly meet ups and conversations, an opportunity to share and meet new contacts. Using social play and working with local associations, we’ll help our members find the best of the High Coast.


In this meetup, we'll introduce you to new, Scandanavian health craze: ice bathing where we'll be hosted by the High Coast Seals who will be there to mentor our members on how to do it and be ready with a hot drink afterwards! Trust us, if you get the courage to do it you'll have something to brag about and you'll feel great!

When: Saturday, Nov. 21
Where: Friluftscentral
Donation: 50
Corporate Members: Free

FOPPA 4EVER!To know Övik, you’ve got to know hockey. And what better way to do that than to learn how to play? If you’re a beginner, we’ll teach you how to skate; if more advanced, we’ll set up a game. In this event, everyone will score.

When: Saturday, Dec. 11
Where: TBA
Donation: 150
Corporate Members: Free


Downhill skiing at Skuleberget
With Skuleberget now open, this meet-up will take everyone down one of the most beautiful slopes in the area, looking out over the sea as you ski down. Beginners can have instruction with a snowboard class offered.

When: Saturday, Jan. 29
Where: Skulebacken
Donation: 300 ski pass with fika, 500 with rental and pass
Corporate Members: Free


Sami market and craft making
Örnsköldsvik has historically been the trading edge of the Sami North. We’ll meet at the yearly Sami market where traditional food, music and crafts are presented and get a special presentation by a Sami elder on this fascinating culture as well as opportunities to make traditional objects.

When: Saturday, Feb. 12
Where: Öviks Kunst Museet
Donation: 100
Corporate Members: Free

Cross country skiing in Sktyttis
We have some of the best cross-country skiing in Norrland. For beginners and others, we’ll do a light tour in Skyttis and offer advice, equipment and fun!

When: Saturday, Feb. 26
Where: Sktyttis
Donation: 100, ski rental 200
Corporate Members: TBA

Fire Night
Valborg is an ancient tradition in the High Coast where neighbours meet for the first time after a long winter with a big bonfire and food. Come to this Valborg where we’ll be

When: Saturday, Apr. 30
Where: TBA
Donation: 50
Corporate Members: Free

Eat the world
In this meetup, food takes the dining table as we take a potluck approach to being international.

When: Saturday, May. 28
Where: TBA
Donation: 100
Corporate Members: Free

To the top!
Did you know that Skuleberget’s Via Ferrata—a safe way to big wall mountain climbing—is one of the longest in Europe? In this High Coast International Club meet you’ll get strapped in for an adventure you’ll never forget.

When: Saturday, Jun. 28
Where: Skuleberget’s Via Ferrata
Donation: 300 (day pass with fika)
Corporate Members: TBA

Volleyball time!
Though most people will be on semester, we still wanted to offer a chance to meet up and have fun. In this meet up we go to the beach and play volleyball. With coaching by experts, it’ll be a great way to stretch and even go for a swim.

When: Saturday, Jul. 30
Where: Nyägetsbad
Donation: 100
Corporate Members: Free

Ships ahoy!
Boating in the archipelago is one of the highlights of the High Coast experience. In this meetup we’ll be offering a sailing opportunity for some as well as a chartered ferry to an island.

When: Saturday, Aug. 27
Where: Skule havscamping
Donation: 200
Corporate Members: TBA